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I have an embarrassing confession, and (I hate to say it … but) this is the sugar-coated version of it.

I went to the local tavern and picked up a gal. We went home and made out. My wife walked in on us and seemed upset. I calmly walked over to her with a smile that begged her approval. “Great to see you” I said with confidence, “I’m glad you saw how passionately I was kissing this other gal, because once you know how I was thinking of you the whole time, your going to be so impressed of that expression of love toward you …”

OK, that sounds absurd, doesn’t it? How could anyone be that stupid to think that the wife would be pleased at all if her husband was getting it on with a harlot while thinking about her the whole time?

Doesn’t that even make it more disturbing that he was thinking about her?

Here is the sad thing: I’ve been that stupid. It would be bad enough if I had been that stupid with my wife, but that is not what I’m talking about. I’ve been that stupid with God.

It is written that redeemed saints are the bride of Christ. I’m married to Him, and so are you if you are a believer.

While I am in the world I went and got seduced by the December 25th holiday and other pagan festivals. It wasn’t long before I was passionately enthralled in these things. God could see me do this, and I just confidently explained to God that “I was thinking of Him the whole time.” No. That’s not how I said it. It was more like, “Jesus is the reason for the season” or “Lets keep Christ in Christmas.” But the bottom line is that I was acting a harlot and sleeping around on Him, while trying to justify my adultery by saying I was thinking of Him as I did it.

Yeah, I’m that stupid.

I’m sorry. I’ve blown it. I’ve repented. I ain’t sleeping around any more. No more justifying it. I don’t want to do that anymore to the God that I love. I love Him because He first loved me.

He has proven it to me. As often as I blow it, He is there to forgive me and pick me up from all my stumbling. He welcomes me back into a pure relationship even though I have played the harlot over and over. And I’m getting so convinced that He’ll forgive and love me that I don’t care to wander as much as I have in the past. All that leads to regret, and there is no regret in His arms for He fulfills every longing of my heart.

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12/16/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear  (Regarding the modern holidays of men)
Thus says The Lord God: This world has altogether become a house of harlots, who continually go out to commit fornication with the unclean and revel in their adulteries against God!… Altogether forsaking Him who I had sent to them, that they might turn from their ways and become completely clean!
None have harkened!…
They remain shackled to this world and all its fornications of sin!… 
Intermingling honor with dishonor, 
Praise with blasphemy, 
And sin with purity… 
Woe, My children, you have all fallen
 Into the snare of the devil! 
Can you not see, beloved? Open your eyes and read the writing set forth in stone, written by the hand of God!… The Everlasting Law etched with burning fire, blazing as a torch, so you may not stumble in this present darkness, which surrounds you.
Behold, another Light have I sent to you… The Everlasting Light of the world! And He too do you men of vanities try to cover over, that you might shine in His place… You shall be utterly destroyed and thrown into eternal darkness, forever separated from life and your God! 
REPENT THEREFORE! And give Me glory according to the New Covenant, by which you are saved. Call upon My name, by the name of Him who I have given My name. He is The One who shall deliver you from the great and terrible Day of The Lord… And He is The One who shall destroy you, if you will not come. For by Him were you made a vessel unto honor, yet you have all become vessels of dishonor, heaping to yourselves vanities and sin… You shall be crushed and thrown into the fire!
Now hear My words, all you proud blasphemers…
Shall you continue to corrupt love?…
Christ Jesus, YahuShua The Lord and Savior, is Love Everlasting!
Give Him all honor and glory, forever and ever! For He has glorified My name by His sacrifice on the cross, and I have glorified Him by My name which stands forever. He is the ensign, the waving banner for all generations!… Call on His name, yea shout it to the heavens!
He is your Shepherd, The True Vine, and you are His branches. And I shall surely prune every branch which grows in Him, that it may bear fruit in accordance with His likeness. Yet to all those who say, “Here I am, I also grow from The Vine”, who yet continue to cast off My Commandments and refuse My words spoken to this generation…
Thus says The Lord: You are all liars! A malignancy, growing where you should not! You shall be cut out and thrown into the fire! Behold, the wrath of The Lamb is coming!… Did you think I would stay silent during the time appointed?! I shall set the heavens on fire and shake the foundations of the earth, and stir up the seas! For I am a jealous God and great in power!
Peoples of the earth, stop breaking My Commandments, and blaspheming My name and the name I have given My Son! You shall not associate His name with sin, nor shall you honor Him with pagan rituals and polluted traditions, lest I reject you as I had rejected the pagans who were before you!… His name shall only be for a song on your lips, a sweet-smelling savor.
I shall speak plainly, so those slow to understanding may hear, though their ears are dull and their eyes are dim: These modern holidays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween, are an abomination in the eyes of The Lord God Almighty! Therefore I shall destroy all pagan traditions, even every perverse holiday of men!… Behold! I shall wipe them from the face of the whole earth, on that day! FOR I AM THE LORD, AND I AM COMING DOWN TO MAKE A SWIFT END!… And no more shall you break My Commandments, and revel in sin, in The Son’s name.
Behold! My countenance has turned against you! Says The Lord of Hosts.
For you have blasphemed the name of Christ!…
You and your detestable idols! Your false worship! 
Your misuse of My name and The Christ’s!…
Your vanities, your greed,
Your envies, your lusts, 
Your drunkenness, 
Your gluttonous appetites…
 Your fornications!…
Your false witnessing,
Lying to your children…
Your covetousness, your thefts…
 And your murders! Even causing many to destroy themselves!…
Have I not given you Holy Days, in which you were to honor My Son? Yet you forget them all, even the seventh day of each week, which you were to remember and keep holy. For I, The Lord, do not change… What do all these traditions of men have to do with Me?! And why do you do them in The Son’s name?! Give the gift of His name, for by His name alone are you saved! There is no other!
Stop these vain babblings therefore! You speak these things in ignorance of the Truth! Shut your mouths! Cease from all this blasphemy!… Be silent before your God, and speak to Me in spirit.
Know you not, that you have all become as the pagan and the heathen, by which all your holidays have their origins? Abomination! This world has seduced you, and the harlot has led you into temptation by her false witness!… Behold! She shall be left utterly desolate and naked! Her flesh shall be eaten and consumed by fire! She shall be destroyed under judgment! Crushed beneath the feet of The Holy One of Israel! Broken because of her iniquities!… And put to death because of her denial of the Truth, which she had replaced with the many cups of her fornications!… Thus she shall surely drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation!
Thus says The Lord God: One Commandment broken are all Commandments broken; one sin, reveled in My name, are all sins accounted to you; one sin, repented in The Christ’s name, all are forgiven you. For I know your hearts, My children, and I know whether or not you have become fully converted in spirit… You can not lie to your God.
Come to Me therefore, in all truth and supplication, 
By Him who I had sent to you in Truth…
Being The Truth Absolute, utterly void of darkness…
By Him shall you walk into life!
The only name under Heaven,
 By which you must be saved!… 
Walk in Him, and you shall find Me.

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Ever notice … ?

Once a branch has been abiding in the vine for many years and is pruned often… one can hardly distinguish it from the vine?

vine and branches

John 15:5 –

“I am the Vine, and you are the branches. Those who remain in Me, and I in them, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without Me. ~ YahuShua (Jesus)

Another parable…

Parable of the Two Trees
From Letters From God and His Christ (

11/04 From Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior – A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

As for the tree of the world, where every foul and evil bird lives… God will bring upon that tree a fierce wind and will topple it to the ground… Pull it up by its roots, destroy it with hail, and burn its branches with fire, until nothing remains!…

Then will He plant a new seed, which will grow forever and never die…Much fruit will it bear… 

And all will gather around and live beneath its branches, and also be its branches…

Says The Lord.

Lessons about Judas’ Salvation

God Speaks Regarding the Salvation of Judas Iscariot:

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A man.
A scoundrel.

Oh how I love Judas. … or at least my flesh LOVES to think that some people are so evil, that I can judge myself better than them by comparison. Thinking the flattering notion that I am savable, but they are not.

I recently noticed something that challenged my viewpoint about Judas. It is a relief to put to rest the superiority about which my flesh was weighing me down, because the Gospels points to the conclusion that Judas was a sheep.

Before Jesus was betrayed, He prayed this:

Joh 17:12
“While I was with them, I was keeping them in Your name which You have given Me; and I guarded them and not one of them perished but the son of perdition, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled.

Two main points.

  1. Judas was the son of perdition (which implies destruction).
  2. Judas was given to the Lord Jesus by the Father to keep, along with the others.

It is crucial to my point to keep in mind that the Father gave Judas to the Lord to save, because of the next quote from the Lord:

Joh 6:39
“This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day.

John 10:27-29
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;
and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.
“My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.

This leaves us with only two possibilities.

  1. That Judas was eventually given grace to come to the Lord and be His sheep, for it is clear that the Father gave Judas to the Lord for this reason.
  2. Or Jesus lied when He said that He would not loose a single sheep given to Him by the Father.

Of course there is evidence that Judas did indeed come to full repentance by God’s grace after his betrayal of the Lord.

Matthew 27:3-4
Judas, the one who betrayed him, realized that Jesus was doomed. Overcome with remorse, he gave back the thirty silver coins to the high priests,
saying, “I’ve sinned. I’ve betrayed an innocent man.” They said, “What do we care? That’s your problem!”

Here are the lessons that I glean from all of this:

  • All of us that claim to be saved, should also be aware that at one time we, too, were sons of perdition.
  • We all need grace, revelation and the call of our Shepherd to respond and show remorse for our sins and to come to Him in all humility.
  • Jesus can save even those that seem to be the least likely of it.
  • It does no good to see people as they are at this moment or to evaluate them by what they have already done. Instead, we should evaluate everyone by the potential that God can make of them, even to see that potential as already fulfilled, because it is a cake-walk for God to bring out their full potential.
  • Stay humble. Do not let yourself be flattered with the notion that you picked up on the Gospel, but that others just aren’t bright enough to have picked up upon it. Rather, recognize with thanksgiving for all of God’s provision and grace, knowing that we never merit it. It was God’s choosing, not our own that landed us with this gift of new birth.
  • Keep hope, but not in yourself. If you are concerned for someone’s eternal destiny, all you need to know is TRUST. Trust that God loves them and will bring them along according to the will of the Father, and according to His timing. What good has worry ever done for us about such things? Trust and obey is all we need.

Well, I’m sure there are other lessons. These are the ones that come to mind first of all for me. Perhaps, a thought has come into your mind as you read this. If so, please share a comment below.

Envy is the meanest attitude

envyEnvy is uglier than jealousy.
Jealousy wants to take hold of what it doesn’t have.
Envy is much meaner. Envy is the desire for something to be taken away from another.

Envy brings others down. Envy destroys others. Envy leaves all others below and by virtue of their destroyed life. We use envy to rise above others once they have reached bottom. Envy seeks others to reach a bottom, and employs tactics of destruction to bring it about.

Envy is revealed in grief when we read that their is only two witnesses chosen by God in Revelation, and only twelve chosen as disciples by Jesus.
Envy wants a happy marriage to fail, a exemplary life to be scandalized, and the innocent brought to corruption. Recently, I have seen it used to take the extraordinarily spiritually gifted made out to be satanic, and their gifts of the Spirit the fruit of evil.

Can anything be meaner than envy?

Lord, guard our hearts against envy, with your meekness. Teach us to be content with what we are, no more and no less. Teach us to seek other’s highest good, for such is the way of love. When we see others besides ourselves that have been called by you Lord to a higher calling, may we be found in celebration of heart for the goodness that you bestowed upon them, wanting only a more glorious display of your goodness upon them to the honor and praise of your name, oh Lord.


Words to Live By: 


Envy is a double-ended sword…

One end is covetousness, piercing the heart of those who envy;
The other is pride, piercing the heart of those being envied.

Behold, envy is also a snare…

For those who envy are held captive by covetousness;
And those who are envied are easily ensnared by pride.

Therefore repent, and place all your trust in The Messiah;
Make Him your focus, your only desire,
And He will keep your foot from being taken…

Indeed, HE will preserve your life.…_More_Words_of_Wisdom_From_The_Lord%2C_Our_God_and_Savior#Envy

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